See 6 Benefits of Papaya Leaves to Cure Various Diseases

Do you know benefits of papaya leaves for our health, papaya leaves indeed from the taste is very pait at all, but you need to know behind the taste that pait papaya leaves contain many benefits and benefits that we need to know, and here are some examples of explanations of the benefits of papaya leaves.

Well papaya leaves apparently can increase appetite, well if you don't have an appetite this is the antidote, the first step is you have to take papaya leaves about 2 pieces then then wash thoroughly and mash the papaya leaves until smooth after this strain the papaya leaves it's been mashed and then all you have to do is drink it.

And health experts say papaya leaf jam can increase the appetite of papaya leaves also apparently able to increase breast milk for mothers who are breastfeeding, well the way is we must first take papaya leaves about five to six pieces then put it on the fire until it withers and after wilting then attach the papaya leaves to the breast.

And for those of you who have brittle or easy teeth, you can use this papaya leaf as a medicine to strengthen your teeth. The way is very easy, step 1 is that you must be diligent in eating papaya leaves by spraying it and can be mixed with various menu offerings.

As well as papaya leaves are also able to get rid of pimples, the first step you have to take first is an old papaya leaf about as much as 2 to three sheets then pound the papaya leaves until it is rather smooth and mix with clean water and after that apply papaya leaves to the zit. .

Well, the best thing is papaya leaves, according to health experts, are able to overcome severe diseases such as cancer, so it turns out that the papaya leaves have a white gum-like substance (milk milky latex) which is able to cure or antidote anti-cancer. well this friend is all I can say about papaya leaves for more information you can read in the next article.