4 Benefits Of Betel Leaves For Human Body Health

Well, Proposed Friend has a suggestion, it turns out that from some plants we can also use it for our health, and the first thing I will discuss about benefits of betel leaf for human health, now the benefits of betel leaf is believed to have effective properties for our health and below we have given 4 benefits of betel leaf for health.

1. Betel leaf is believed to be able to alternatively heal wounds

Because betel leaves are believed to have very high antioxidant content, this also makes betel leaves can help overcome oxidative stress and not only that this one leaf is also able to heal minor or moderate wounds by means of we have to mash it smooth but not too smooth then stick the betel leaf into the wound area after that wait for the reaction for 3 to four days.

2. Betel leaf is believed to be able to overcome our digestion

well besides betel leaf can heal betel leaf wounds also turned out to be trusted by people to help to smooth our digestion, well tips and ways to treat it is the first thing we have to do is we have to mop the betel leaves first and then break down the betel leaves until boil and after that lift the betel leaf boiled water and wait until it is cold then drink the betel leaf boiled water that was already cold.

3. Betel leaf is believed to inhibit dental caries or ( hollow cavity )

Now kids friends, of course, like to eat foods that are very sweet, especially chocolate and candy, both of these foods if we eat too much will definitely invite dental caries to us, but this time I have a solution so that dental caries does not happen to us, well, according to the expert answer is in betel leaf, basically the dental disease in fear of betel leaf because it contains essential oils, flavonoids and alkanoids.

4. Betel leaf is believed to Overcome Sore Throat

Now when we're singing automatically we gradually make extra loud sounds so that over time our voices will run out and after that our throat will hurt and to prevent our throat from hurting is by means of betel leaves because betel leaves contain antioxidants , betel leaf has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties so that betel leaf can cure sore throat.