Benefits Of Soursop Leaves To Cure Itching On The Skin And Reduce Fever

Let's look at an explanation of the benefits of soursop leaves for the health of our bodies, do you know the benefits of soursop leaves for beauty besides soursop leaves are also very useful for gout and the benefits of soursop leaves also for cancer and high blood pressure, well, soursop leaves are very easy to find in various areas other than the leaves are very effective for curing various diseases the fruit is also very delicious when made juice and as an alternative to cure some diseases. And in this article I will provide some of the benefits of soursop leaves for health.

1. Soursop leaves can cure itchy skin

Now for those of you who are affected by itchiness caused by caterpillars and others it should be cured immediately by soursop leaves, and the way is, first we must do take about 20 pieces of soursop leaves and then boil with water until boiling then mix boiled water Soursop leaves that have boiled earlier with cold water then the water can be used for bathing and do it this way routinely.

2. Soursop leaves are also able to cure severe diseases such as diabetes

For those of you who have diabetes as a result of eating sweet things that are too sweet or too much, you should from now on not consume too many foods that contain too high sugar levels because diabetes is not a mild disease but a very severe disease, can be if you continue a lot consuming food or drinks that are too sweet will result in death and a cheating on death.

But don't worry, here we have an antidote for how to cure diabetes by diligently drinking soursop leaf boiled water, how to use it, first take about 5 to 10 pieces of soursop dun, then wash thoroughly, then boil with 3 cups of water, until only 1 more glass then squeeze the soursop leaf boiled water then chill, just drink it 2 times a day morning and evening.

3. Soursop leaves can cure gout

It turns out that soursop leaves can cure diabetes soursop leaves are also able to cure gout, by drinking boiled water soursop leaves, it turns out that soursop leaves contain acetogenin, gentisic acid, caclourin, annocatalin, and linoleic acid which can cure gout. .

4. Soursop leaves can cure ulcers

Ulcer disease is certainly a very frequent thing that we experience that has very extraordinary pain. This disease can also cause jiga infections that are not immediately cured, well the way to cure it is you can take young soursop leaves and stick it to the affected body parts of ulcers.