Simple Recipe for Making Savory and Crispy Spicy Gehu Fried with Tofu Sumedang

For Sundanese people, certainly no stranger to Sundanese special foods such as Gehu, Gehu is an abbreviation of tofu which is supported by Tge, and certainly not everyone knows about how to make Gehu and how to make it, it is quite easy and simple that you can make. in your house, you must be curious, right?

Prior to the main discussion here I will review about gehu, this food is a food that is very popular in Indonesia especially in Sundanese and this food is also a game for food lovers or culinary because it has a distinctive taste, and almost everyone knows about food This food is usually spread on the curb.

And gehu also besides its very good taste, the price is quite cheap, relatively cheap depending on the size of the small size of the gehu, usually with the small size of this gehu is valued at 500 rupiahs and the medium size is valued at 1000 rupiahs and for the jumbo size is valued at 2000 rupiahs and this food is also one of the foods that are suitable for breakfast.

When I was going to go to school, I never forgot the hot breakfast with rice cake, and it was very delicious. back again to the main topic, all of you here can see how to make a very delicious gehu, 1. how to make spicy gehu first prepare the sumedang tofu as you like after that prepare the bean sprouts, then also prepare the chili according to your taste and break the sumedang tofu then add the chili and sprouts and don't forget to prepare clean cooking oil then give a little micin and salt so that it tastes good.

After that, fry the ingredients that have been mixed earlier and after the color is slightly yellowing, the sugar is ready to serve, and to make the other sugar and the ingredients are almost the same, the difference is only the contents, if you like vegetables like cabbage and carrots. you can put in tofu sumedang that has been divided. and after you see the recipe here you can try making it at your house.

well maybe this is all I can give you about recipes for how to make spicy crispy and tasty gehu hopefully you like this article and hopefully this article can add to your knowledge about how to make gehu from tofu sumedang.