How to Make Cassava Chips with Various Choices Easily

How to Make Cassava Chips - Cassava chips is one of the typical Indonesian food. The way to make it is quite easy and practical, this food is also one of the targets of food culinary lovers, and now its existence is already spread throughout the city and in shops, this food is also certainly very suitable for snacks at night with family.

Besides it tastes good, cassava chips are also able to withstand hunger or are suitable for abdominal booster when we are hungry, because cassava has fairly high carbohydrates almost the same as the rice we can usually eat, and of course this plant has many benefits for our health like leaves it can be made into vegetables.

And how to make delicious and tasty cassava chips you can see the way in this article. And Below Are Some Processed Cassava Chips Recipes That You Can Try At Home:

1. Recipe for Regular Cassava Chips

* 1 kg of cassava
* Garlic Kira Kira 4 pieces
* Betel lime Kira Kira 1 tsp
* Kitchen Salt Kira Kira ¾ tsp
* Sugar as much as 1 tablespoon
* Flavoring to taste
* Cooking oil 1 Kg
* Prepare sufficiently clean water as well

** Ways of making :

* First step, Slice the cassava into thin or according to your wishes. After that, soak the envied cassava into a container that has been filled with clean water and mixed with betel lime water. After that, stir until evenly distributed.

* Then the second process let stand 15 minutes until the lime water absorbs into the cassava.

* After 15 minutes, wash the previous cassava using clean water.

* After Washing Process, Drain Right Until Dry

* Then You Just Fry It In Hot Oil That Has Been Clean Until His Cassava Changes To Yellowish Color.

* After that, you just give seasoning like salt alone, because this is ordinary cassava chips. Then Cassava Chips Are Ready To Serve.

2. Processed Recipe for Cassava Cheese Chips

source :

* Prepare protein flour or more or less 200 grams.
* Then 100 grams of cassava that has been mashed and steamed
* Add cornmeal As much as 20 grams
* Add 2 teaspoons of baking powder
* Then 1 or 2 beaten eggs
* 30 grams of margarine
* 50 grams of finely grated cheese
* 1 teaspoon
* 25 ml of ice water
* Then Prepare sufficiently clean frying oil.

** Ways of making :

* puree the ingredients first
* Then Mix the ingredients evenly
* After all the mixture is mixed then stir the ingredients until everything becomes one and evenly distributed
* Then roll and print the dough according to your taste
* After the dough has been printed according to your wishes, then, fry the mixture into cooking oil until it is cooked and the color reaches to yellow brass.
* If it is cooked drain in a dry container and ready to eat with your boyfriend or family

3. How to make Balado Cassava Chips

source :

* 1½ kg cassava
* 1 tablespoon whiting
* 350 ml of boiled water
* 5 tablespoons salt for marinade
* 4 Garlic seeds, then Mash the garlic finely to be put into the immersion water
* 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
* Prepare enough cooking oil
* 150 grams of curly red chili
* 1½ tablespoons of salt
* Then add about 8 grains of onion

** Ways of making :

* First Step Remove the cassava skin then cut into thin pieces and then wash with clean water
* Then put the pieces of cassava into the whiting water, add the garlic and salt that has been finely mashed, then stir until evenly distributed. after everything is mixed evenly Soak the sliced ​​cassava for 35 minutes
* After the immersion is finished lift up then drain into a dry container, then you just fry it in hot oil until cooked.
* The last step Heat cooking oil is then sauté the seasoning mixture that has been smoothed earlier, then stir until evenly distributed. add sugar, when the seasoning has thickened and dried out, then lower the heat of your stove and add the cassava chips, stir until evenly distributed. then after the cold cassava chips are ready to serve.

4. Recipe How to Make Spicy Cassava Flavor Chips

source :

* Prepare 1 kg of New Cassava Taken from the Garden
* 4/5 tablespoons of salt
* 1 tablespoon whiting
* 400 ml of water
* 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
* 5 Garlic seeds
* Prepare enough bimoli cooking oil
* Prepare 150 grams of curly red chili for puree
* 8 Shallots Seeds To Be Pureed
* Then 2 teaspoons of salt

** Ways of making :

* As usual the first thing you have to do is peel the cassava skin then wash it thoroughly.

* After washing using clean water then sliced ​​into thin tipi but remember to cut the size must be the same, so that the size is the same, you cut it, you must use a machine, not using a knife.

* Still as usual, after successfully cassava sliced ​​according to taste then enter the cassava slices into a container that has been filled with water and mixed with whiting, and soak for 45 minutes so that the results are perfect.

* Then prepare enough cooking oil and heat the cooking oil first then remove the cassava from the betel marinade, then wash it thoroughly, then fry it until it is cooked and if the color is yellow brass, the mark of the cassava is ready to be lifted.

* After the process is all done, add the spice mixture that has been smoothed earlier into the cooking oil that has been heated then sauteed until dry.

* Then the last step is to add the cassava into the stir-fry and stir until evenly mixed, and after being evenly distributed remove the cassava until it is cool and ready to serve, See also How to Make Cilok