Recipe How To Make Cilok With Delicious And Peanut Seasoning

Do you know cassava plants? cassava plant is a cassava plant and this plant is also well known as a producer of carbohydrates and the leaves can be made into vegetables, and the most famous of which is cassava aci flour which can be made of various delicious food preparations, such as cireng, cilok, bapeda, cihu and others .

But what I will discuss here is how to make cilok which is very forgiving from aci cassava or from aci aren, surely you all want to know how to make it like what? if you want to succeed how to make goang cilok or cilok the other you have to read this article to the end, because I will wet about how to make it from start to finish.

If you want to make cilok food, the first thing you have to do is take the cassava around 3 big ones, after that, then peel it after you peel the cassava, wash it thoroughly, and after washing, you just grate it until smooth, and after everything is finished cassava meat that has been alus had lived filtered into clean cloth.

After that the next step is you just hang it out in the sun so the results are good, and when the ACI is dry, the ACI is ready to be made recipe to make cilok , and the way to make it is that you have to take the rather large container first then put the aci as you wish into the container.

After that, do not forget to give a little micin and salt to taste more savory, and flush with hot water then stir until evenly mixed until the dough feels chewy, and so that the dough is not sticky you can print it while preparing boiling water while boiling, and after cilok its boiled until cooked then you can add it with a smooth peanut sauce and add a little micin and salt then don't forget to add the smack so it tastes better and to fill in the cilok you can fill it with meat, eggs and fried onions.

The article above is a brief discussion about the recipe for making peek, for a more complete recipe you can see below.

1. Recipe How to Make Simple Cilok

The main ingredient

* Prepare 200 grm of starch
* 200 grm wheat flour
* 1/2 teaspoon powder broth
* 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
* 2 Garlic seeds, which have been mashed
* 2 sheets of scallions, then cut into pieces until somewhat smaller
* 450 ml of warm water
* Give salt according to the dose
* Prepare sufficient clean water to boil the dough

How to Make Peanut Sauce

* Prepare 150 grams of groundnut, which has been fried
* 1 teaspoon sugar
* 1 tsp vinegar
* salt to taste
* Prepare sufficient clean water

** Ways of making :

* First step Repeat until the ground beans are finely fried
* Then add enough sugar and salt to taste
* Prepare a frying pan or kalet, then give enough water, then cook until boiling.
* After that add the peanut sauce that has been smoothed earlier, then cook until thickened and the heat must be small and cooked for 5 to 10 minutes

The final step in making Cilok

* First step sift the starch and flour until smooth

* Then give a little broth powder, pepper, and crushed garlic earlier and do not forget to give salt then stir until evenly distributed

* Give warm water to the flour that has been sieved earlier then knead squeeze until the mixture is evenly mixed

* then print the material according to your wishes or can be printed with a round shape. and after successfully printing all prepare boiling water and Enter the printed cilok earlier in boiling water until the cilok floats then lift

* After cilok is lifted, you can mix the peanut sauce into cilok until it is evenly distributed and cilok is ready to serve.