The benefits of the Crown of God for health and can increase appetite

Share a little information about the benefits of the god's crown , of course the name of this plant is familiar to our ears, even this plant is often nicknamed as the king of medicine, well if you just know or if the first to know the crown plant of the gods will certainly be deceived by its appearance, because the fruit of this plant looks it's very tempting.

And if it is ripe, the crown of the deity will be red like an apple, only slightly different from the apple if the apple is large, and if the crown of the god is small, even though the color is similar to an apple, but the taste is very very pait, and this plant also very easy for us to meet in various regions.

And this plant if it bears fruit, the fruit is very dense, and the advantage of the fruit of the god's crown is that it can cure various diseases one of which is able to increase appetite even not only the fruit can be used as medicine, root leaves and also the skin. can be made medicine, by the way we have to slice the leaves, stems, fruit and roots.

Then after everything has been sliced ​​into a little bit smaller we can directly dry it in the sun until it is completely dry, then after that this medicinal plant can be ready to be used to cure some diseases, my first experience when I didn't want to eat and my body was in pain everyone, then I drink the water of God's crown every morning for one glass.

And thank God after I tried as much as 4 times the pain in my body disappeared and my appetite increased, and what had been a sore body and pain after drinking water from the crown of the god became his pain, and below are some diseases which can be healed by the crown of gods plants.

Like, ward off bacteria, anti-virus, boost the immune system, lower blood sugar, improve blood circulation, reduce pain, reduce cholesterol, ward off allergies, treat tumors, treat colds and coughs, treat coronary heart disease, can prevent cancer cells and tumors, can reduce fat deposits in blood vessels, treat itching, treat gout, can treat hepatitis, and many more this is only a part of it.