Delicious Homemade Fried Rice Recipe for the Mainstay of Delicious Women

Homemade fried rice recipe - Discussing the issue of fried nagi certainly makes us so salivating, fried rice is fried rice that is given a simple spice but a matter of taste do not ask again is certainly very tasty, for those of you who like to cook simple dishes but the extraordinary taste is very suitable stop by this site.

Because on this site several are available fried rice recipe which is very tasty, and in addition to fried rice there are also some that are quite tasty such as leaded rice uduk white rice, yellow uduk rice, kebuli rice but what is often talked about and the most popular is fried rice, and fried rice is also divided into several offerings, such as fried rice can.

1. how to make fried rice can: is first prepare the rice according to your taste then slice the onion after that give seasonings like micin, salt, and a little sugar and prepare about 2 tablespoons of cooking oil then after everything is ready to stay mix all the ingredients before the song stir stir for 15 minutes and even plain fried rice is ready to eat.

2. omelet fried rice recipe: now the second recipe is almost the same as the first recipe, but this fried rice uses eggs, but the ingredients are the same as the first recipe, now the omelette fried rice is a recipe that likes to have in restaurants and at home, want to know the recipe is the recipe.

prepare enough rice, sliced ​​shallots, sliced ​​cabbage to taste then prepare 2 eggs of native chicken and chicken nergi, after that prepare soy sauce and clean cooking oil do not forget to love micin, salt, and a little sugar after all the ingredients are available mix the ingredients the ingredients were in the cooking oil which was already rather hot then fried for up to 15 minutes and the omelet fried rice was ready to be eaten.

3. Yellow fried rice recipe: now this fried rice is quite difficult and the ingredients are quite a lot but just calm down here you can all see the recipe for free, want to know what the recipe is for making yellow fried rice? well the recipe is the first to prepare enough white rice and a mortar and the repetition, then after that also prepare seasonings such as salt, micin, sugar, onion and turmeric and if you like spicy you can add chillies to your foaming, after the two ingredients are collected then repeat until smooth.

And after that you are ready, just leave it all in hot oil and then fry it for 15 minutes and for those who like eggs you can add eggs and vegetables and after 15 minutes even the fried rice is ready to be served, now the fried rice is usually in is if there is a recitation and if you want it can be cooked in the morning accompanied by hot tea water.