The most effective way to treat thrush with natural ingredients

How to Treat Thrush Naturally - Treating Thrush there is a medical use even naturally like ingredients around us. Thrush usually looks dry and chapped lips. Thrush is usually generally reddish. Thrush causes pain in the mouth, especially if exposed to food or drinks. Many canker sores are sold at pharmacies. Or do you want to use natural medicines?

There are several causes of canker sores. Due to the lack of vitamin B12, also Vitamin C including iron, do not eat spicy foods can also cause canker sores, especially if you drink less water, understand all of the above causes, if you do not want canker sores on the lips or areas mouth, well here below are some Natural Ways to Treat Thrush Seacara that you can try and feel the visibility.

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C
1.) Sprue can occur due to lack of nutrients such as Vitamin B 12, Vitamin C can cause canker sores and iron.

2.) Guava leaves
Guava leaves turned out to be effective for treating thrush. The way we boil some guava leaves, then squeeze the leaves so that the contents come out all. Drinking this boiling water and boiling water every morning and evening.

3.) Lime
As is known if one of the causes of canker sores is lack of vitamin c. Therefore we will meet our vitamin c needs by consuming lime juice. Squeeze the lime, add one glass of warm water. Drink morning and night before going to bed.

4.) Coconut water
The method is very easy, just rinse with coconut water. After that drink. This method is the easiest and most delicious.

So that I can share information on how to treat thrush naturally naturally can help those of you who are canker sores and recover quickly.